Welcome to our blog!

For those of you wishing to live vicariously while we travel, explore and excite, here is our travel blog. With it’s highly original domain name, gripping content, and coloured photographs it’s sure to be a hit amongst the one or two other travel blogs that fill our internet with ever-so-useful content. We may even have a few kittens here and there.

We welcome feedback, though we encourage you to leave useful comments, and not that of the average YouTube commenter, i.e. “cool.”, “you’re a f**”, or “**** ****, **** ******!”.

We make no promises to the value of the content herein, nor will it necessarily be entertaining, educational or useful in the least – as such, we will strive to maintain consistency with the average travel blog. We do not also not promise to not use dirty language, nor racy imagery, nor not occasional catachresticisims.

On our previous Australian Adventure, blogging became a chore. It may again. As such, we welcome donations to our drinking honeymoon fund to which many of you graciously contributed.

We hope this trip will not only show us new parts of our globe, but also new parts of ourselves. We consider this trip an end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

We hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy writing it, but I doubt it.

Still, welcome.


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