Passions and Talents

Sarah mentioned that part of this trip is for us to rediscover our true talents and passions which I wanted to expand on.

We all have talents – the trouble is we often don’t know what they are! They come naturally to us, so, naturally, we assume everyone else has them as well. In my experience, finding out one’s gifts is often best met by asking other people – so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and watching what bubbles up internally is another method – gosh, ideal for traveling!

We also all have passions – the trouble is a combination of societal pigeon-holing, family pressures, life-happening-while-making-other-plans, and just plain old needing a job often leaves us doing things we really aren’t that keen on. [Insert Roger’s standard Computer Industry rant here.]

Sarah and I are extremely fortunate that we can afford some time to step back, look at what we’re doing, look at what we’ve done, and look (more than ever) at what we want to be doing moving forward.  A first-world luxury indeed.

Frankly, I’m amazed by the number of people who moan about their job/life/situation but refuse to take the time to examine what their priorities are, so…

IMG_2002We know Sarah’s passions lie with helping and nurturing all things living (animals, plants, and people – likely in that order!); We know Roger’s passions lie in improving the way things work and encouraging optimism; We know our combined priorities are the ability to keep traveling (we’ll have to if we want to see our families on any regular basis!) which means, ideally, some online work to help pay the bills while remaining somewhat mobile. (I believe everything happens for a reason so this last priority must be the reason I’ve learned all this bloody computer stuff [Insert Roger’s other Computer Industry rant here.])

It is from this basis that we begin our exploration… of our minds, our future and our planet.

F*ckin’ awesome.


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