Visions of Jakarta


We got invited to an Indonesian style wedding party/reception with 1500 of the bride and groom’s closest friends. The couple stood on a stage and greeted an endless receiving line for 3 hours. They looked spectacular and graciously held genuine smiles for each and every guest and posed for a photo with each group. The Bride’s immediate family wore coordinating colors and the groom’s famly had their own matching colors too. The white maple tree pictured here was a favorite backdrop for others to take photos.
Roger enjoys a fresh watermelon juice and a traditional breakfast at The Hernowo’s house.
This tree’s got balls.
Traditional homes of West Sumatra…..They are raised off the ground on stilts to protect the occupants from occasional flooding and mostly prowling TIGERS.
A Komodo dragon. No big deal.

View from the gondola above “Mini Indonesia” theme park. All the islands and regions of Indonesia are represented in scale within this lake “ocean.”








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