Our Honeymoon Fund

As mum is famous for saying “There’s no harm in asking!”

Our honeymoon fund was inspired by Roger's cousin Madeleine. Madeleine and her husband traveled India and Asia, some of which we hope to do. Instead of asking for "stuff" she invited us to donate to their travel fund - $50 for a few nights in Goa; $7 for a 9-course meal in Vietnam; $16 for an exotic experience with an exotic... er..., etc.

It is in this spirit that we welcome donations of any kind. We are attempting this trip with a narrow budget (can we travel cheaper than we live??) and any contributions will be met with great enthusiasm, personalized photos, and, perhaps, a promise to try unique food items and experiences upon your request. (Naturally, larger donations beget whackier requests!)
  • Should we use this donation for something specific? Should we do something special with it? Do you want photos?? Or just send us a wonderful message!

  • Note: No PayPal account is necessary.