The Staycation

In order to explore the world, one must save money where one can, mustn’t one?

As such, the first week of our trip was a Staycation. A mini-vacation in our own hometown at the recently renovated Chez Ferguson – our good buddy Geoff Ferguson‘s house. With stunning views of mountains, lakes and birds walking their dogs, Geoff’s Place offers relaxation, contemplation and libation. Bookings are tight, but I recommend a visit, especially at dinner time.

IMG_2233For those new to the concept of staycations we really recommend them. Getting out of your own house is paramount – you must feel like a guest. I spent my days back at our house finishing the list of chores – last minute painting, cutting grass, tidying up… this did not feel like a vacation. But at the end of the day, “returning home” to someone else’s house, pouring a beer from someone else’s fridge and eating dinner at someone else’s table reminds you that you are indeed relaxing.

And so we began the first week of our adventure. The first chance to remember what we forgot to pack, to realize what we didn’t need to pack, and the first chance to have sex in someone else’s bed.

Just kidding Geoff, we did it in the kitchen.

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